The Zero Waste Dress is the first of three prototypes designed with David Telfer in 2013 to explore the use of the 'Laser Line' production system (Goldsworthy) with 'Zero-Waste' and 'Minimal Seam Construction' concepts (Telfer). This prototype was enabled through the AHRC funded FireUP project at the University of the Arts London as a catalyst project working with industry partner Worn Again Ltd to produce a concept piece to fit with their closed-loop vision for the future of the textiles industry. The resulting garment is designed to be produced in a single-step digital manufacturing process which cuts, seams and finishes the product in a flat-bed system, with zero process waste. It is 100% monomaterial and suitable for full chemical recycling at end-of-life.

With special thanks to David Telfer, the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council), the University of the Arts London, Helen Paine, TWI (The Welding Institute) and Worn Again Ltd.

FIREup is both a research project and a new digital platform that aims to connect the UK’s designer fashion industry with academic researchers through a live, dynamic online space.

Based at the University of the Arts London (UAL), FIREup is a one-year pilot project that enables links to be made between fashion enterprises and university research, stimulating new partnerships, collaborative projects and interactive knowledge exchange. FIREup aims to catalyse research and development as drivers of business innovation, advancing company goals and sustainable economic growth. FIREup has been developed by UAL’s London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Art and Design, and is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.