Public Presentations

(2015) Designing for a Circular Fashion Economy: technology, collaboration and creativity, presented as part of the Cycle Faconner Lecture Series, ENSAD, Paris (1st April 2015)

(2014) Laser Welding of Textiles; a creative approach to technology through a reflective craft practice, Co-presented with Helen Paine at All Makers Now: Craft Values in 21st Century Production, International Conference, Autonomatic Research Group, Falmouth University, 10-11 July 2014

(2014) Textiles; how does the circular economy impact clothing? Speaker and panelist at Resource Event, Excel, London (March 6th 2014)

(2014) Practice, Prototypes & Collaboration, Faculty Presentation, Parsons New School of Design, New York (January 2014)

(2012) Perspectives on Future Sustainable Design, Public Presentation with TFRC for Green Week, Kings Cross, CSM (February 2012)

(2012) Everything Must Go: Talking Rubbish, Public presentation as part of a public Exhibition by the ESRC project ‘Waste of the World’, Bargehouse, London Southbank (January 2012)

(2011) Forward and Up: Graduate Encounters, presentation with R. Earley, Chelsea College of Art, London (Jun 2011)

(2011) Novel Laser Surface Finishing of Textiles for Recyclability, Presentation at Industrial Laser Applications Symposium (ISLAS) 2011, Warrington (Apr 2011)

(2011) Designing Closed Loops, Pecha Kucha Presentation at Green Week, Central Saint Martins, London (Feb 2011)

(2010) Borrowed Materials; laser-finished textiles for a closed-loop polyester economy, Presented at Sustainability in Design: NOW! Challenges and opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice in the 21st Century, Presentation, Bangalore, India (Oct 2010)

(2010) Interlace: thinking on textiles through social and cross-disciplinary dialogues, Public Presentation, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham

(2009) Futurescan: mapping the territory, Public Presentation, Association of Fashion and Textiles Courses (Conference), Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool

(2009) Resurfaced: using laser technology to create innovative surface finishes for recyclable, synthetic textiles, Cutting Edge: lasers and creativity, Presentation (Conference), Loughborough University, School of Art and Design

(2009) IMPACT: Design for Recycling, Public Presentation, invited guest lecture, HAW, Hamburg

(2009) Design for a closed-loop polyester economy, Public Presentation, Stroud International Textile Festival, & Seminar with Dr Emma Neuberg, Stroud

(2009) Creative collaborations: craft and technology, Public Presentation, Cockpit Arts & Own It Event, LCF, London

(2008) Upcycling new technologies, Public Presentation, InterPlas, Plastics Conference, with the Materials and Design Exchange (MaDE) Birmingham

(2008) Laser finishing as a tool for the forward recycling of polyester, Public Presentation, MaDE Technology Transfer Event, RCA, London

(2008) Interim Textiles; designing with borrowed materials, Public Presentation, Material Matters at GreenGaged, Design Council, London

(2008) Upcycling and the Role of New Technologies, Presentation and Workshop, SCience Museum Gallery, Dublin

(2008) Upcycling Textiles: adding value through design, Public Presentation, Ever & Again Conference, Chelsea College of Art & Design, Millbank, London

(2007) What Future for Eco Textile Design? Public Presentation TFRG Salon, Question Time Panelist, ICA, London

(2007) The Role of New Technology & Polymer Engineering in the Forward Recycling of Synthetic Textiles, Presented at Dressing Rooms; Current Perspectives on Fashion and Textiles, (Paper Presentation),  Oslo University College, Norway 


2014 Material Journeys, multi-disciplinary student elective for MFF, Konstfack College of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 Zero Waste Plus Workshop, (with Kay Politowicz), for fashion students at Parsons the New School of Design, New York (Jan 2014)

2009 Designing with Borrowed Materials Workshop, (with MA Textile Design Students), TED Research Focus Group, Chelsea College of Art, London (Nov 2009) 

2009 Interconnected Design Thinking for Textiles, (with MA Textile Design Students), TED Research Focus Group, Chelsea College of Art, London (Nov 2009)

2009 IMPACT Workshop, with TED (CCW), HAW, Hamburg

2008 Interconnected Design Thinking for Textiles, with R. Earley at Techno Threads, Science Museum, Trinity College Dublin