MONO FINISHING (2008-2011)

Goldsworthy’s project Mono Finishing explores an innovative application of laser technology for textile finishing in order to improve environmental performance and recyclability. The work consists of a series of fully finished textile samples, each demonstrating a different technique developed by Goldsworthy at TWI in Cambridge between 2008 and 2011.

Lasers have been used in the apparel industry for some time for cutting, scouring and etching textile materials. Here Goldsworthy uses the laser, to create surface finishes and new textile composites replacing traditional methods. The environmental advantages of this are clear – no glues, no mechanical stitching, no print pastes or finishing chemicals – this is cleaner than traditional production. Additional benefits include the monomaterial construction of the textiles and the flexible nature of the technology. These materials are not only recyclable into virgin-quality fibres but each piece can be a design original, as part of a mass customisation model.

The work was first exhibited in 2009 at ‘Green Scin: the materials experiment’, Future Build, London and in 2010 it was shown through the exhibition 'Warp Factor 09’, London, which toured to Tokyo and Guangzhou.  It has been presented at national and international conferences and featured in publications including Eco Fashion (Brown 2011), and Designers at the Cutting Edge (Quinn 2009).

Supported by: AHRC (Worn Again), Chelsea College of Art & Design, Materials KTN and TWI (Cambridge). 


2012 Futuro Textile 3, CETI (Centre Europeen des Textiles Innovants) Lille (Oct – Dec 2012) Touring to Cite des Sciences: Paris (2013)

2009 Warp Factor: Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins, (touring) Tokyo, Guangzhou & London (13 Oct – 18 Dec 2009) (catalogue)

2009 100% Materials, curated by Chris Lefteri, London Design Week: London (Sep 2009)

2009 Green Scin; The Material Experiment, Future Build, Earls Court: London (Mar 2009)