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>>How can I add an underline to text? 

>>How can I make RH sidebar run the whole length of the page? >>Since you're utilizing the Footer space there is not a setting for this.

>>How can i create the 3 columns of text below the cover image (not in footer) on the home page?>>You will need to adjust your site a bit to configure this. Currently, your Homepage is a Gallery Page, which does not support adding text content. However, you can instead change the Homepage to a Page. From here, you can add a Gallery Block *and* a Text Block. The Gallery Block will allow you to use the Existing Content from the Gallery, so you don't need to re-upload the images.
We have a guide on Adding a Page here:
We have a guide on using the Gallery Block here:
We have a guide on using the Text Block here:
Then, you can set the new Page as the Homepage from Page Settings, and move the current Gallery to Not Linked Navigation, by clicking and dragging it in the Content Manager (a icon).

>>How can i hide the sidebar on everything but the home page? or vice versa?>>Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in your current template. You can adjust this if you have coding experience however. You can view our Code Help Site

>>How can i show blog excerpts in the RH sidebar (like Takk?)>>You can use our Summary Block to show blog excerpts. See here:

>>How do I remove the social 'buttons' from the footer?>>On your template, there is no current setting for this. If you have programming knowledge you can write the CSS for this and add it to your style sheet using the CSS button at the bottom of your Style Editor (paintbrush icon). See Step 4 of this guide: a note, this is an advanced modification -- Squarespace doesn't offer support for this. You may be interested in a program like: locate specific element names in your style you'd like to change.>>Can i specify pixel height of images in galleries?>>You will need to adjust image heights prior to upload. Take a look at the following guide for suggestions on how to format your images prior to upload: also have a workshop all about images. It's literally called "All About Images" :) this